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Ok, I got it
Welcome to tropfish.piczo.com
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Hi web surfer, and welcome to my site! It was set up on the 17th of October 2006, and shows pictures of my fish and tanks. It will be constantly updated so add this to your bookmark (Ctrl + D)! Tell me what you think of it by either signing the Shoutboxes on the bottom of the pages, or the Guestbook which can be found in the "My Pages" column to the left. Happy fishkeeping!
My Pages
This is a planted tank, set up by the artist/aquascaper Takashi Amano -->
This is a tank full of Discus, which come from the Amazon -->
This is a Lake Malawi tank, full of Cichlids. -->
<-- This is a Saltwater tank, but I have no experience with these.